Eric Elison Colorado based Singer-Songwriter and Gordon Lightfoot Tribute Artist.

A successful singer-songwriter, Eric has performed in leading venues including: the Bluebird Cafe (Nashville), Swallow Hill (Denver), The Mercantile (La Veta) and Mudville Grille (Jacksonville). He has recorded his Inner Mountain West inspired songs in Nashville, & Santa Fe. 

Eric’s music reflects a sense of  the Western Frontier, Romance and Mysticism.  Beginning with songs he recorded for his first album Westside Cafe; and more recently Songs For the Bluebird, he has established a reputation for offering something different, that is reflective of the Inner-Mountain West, it’s Culture and Environment.

Eric’s latest single is called Paradise Is Burning.  It is an uptempo, Western-Folk Ballad, about fire in the West; the destruction of Paradise California, and climate change.  The song was released in October and is available on all major streaming sites.  There is a link to a lyric video of the song below:


Eric brings a lifetime of experience to his music. As a Naval Veteran he served his country with distinction as an Aviator, Navigator and Polar Explorer.  He is also a husband, father, and grandfather and brings a lifetime of constancy, devotion, and faith to his music.


Eric is booking engagements throughout the US, and Canada.